Een wanddecoratie van Saal Digital

Ik was al enige tijd aan het twijfelen om enkele foto's te laten drukken, maar kon mezelf nooit overhalen om het ook echt te doen. Maar enkele weken geleden kwam ik een Facebookbericht tegen van Saal Digital. Ze waren op zoek naar fotografen die een wanddecoratie wilden testen. Na een paar gegevens in te vullen en te vertellen wat voor een fotograaf ik ben, kreeg ik na enkele dagen antwoord dat ik was geselecteerd om mee te doen. Ik had al heel veel research gedaan over welke soort druk het mooiste is voor de foto's dus ik wist wat ik wilde, maar op de website van Saal Digital stond alles ook nog eens goed uitgelegd! De software VS online Ik kon kiezen tussen mijn print online maken of via een software, waar het uiteindelijk op neerkwam is dat met de software kan je veel meer kiezen en kan je jouw ontwerp ook opslagen. Enkele klikken stond er een pictogram van Saal Digital op mijn computer en kon ik aan de slag. Met de software werken was kinderspel, alles wees zichzelf uit en…

How I rolled into analogue photography

A while ago I bought an analogue camera at a photography fair. I bought it with the idea of using it as a prop at my apartment. (yeah, I’m a photogeek, I know). But when I found out it’s still working fine, I immediately went to buy some camera rolls. With that I mean I started looking for them. Because it’s not as easy as I presumed it would be to find these rolls. But after some internet search, I finally found a store that was still selling these things. 

Alright! Let’s do this! I tried to install the camera roll in the camera and after some fumbling I got it right. I took a picture right away and looked at my screen to see how it worked out. But then it hit me: no screen, no picture, nothing. I’m (and I’m not alone) so used to see my picture right after I took it so I can take a new one when it’s not quite what I wanted. Okay, so that’s a bummer; I can’t see my pictures, I don’t know if my settings were okay. I don’t think this first picture will be recognizable. So that’s how I ra…

The reason why Me Myself And I ended

Hi there! today I'm going to talk about one of my photo series Me Myself And I.

Maybe it came to your attention that I havent been uploading any Me Myself and I's lately, or the way I like to call it MMAI. The reason is because MMAI is something that lies at the foundation of my photoshop, it's where it all started. Over the years my experience grew so MMAI wasn't that challenging anymore not that exciting, don't get me wrong I loved doing it and I still love it but it isn't my main focus as it used to be.

The idea was to get 30 MMAI'S and leave with a big farewell MMAI ,but I didn't even got there. Even though I still have ideas I couldn't find the power to make them, but there is a chance you'll see one pop up once in a time (guess you're relieved now right!). I was even planning for a mmai the movie and a book with all these cool behind the scenes and redoing the old ones (Let me know if you would like that maybe I'll think it over).

A little introduction

Hi there! Welcome on my blog. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Jodeci. And in case you're wondering already: Yes it's the same as the band. It's a question I get asked a lot. My mom loved them back in the time. If you don't know them, you should really check them out, they have some good songs!
Over the years I developped a passion for photography and everything around it. I taught myself the how to's of photoshop and learned how to take photo's. What started as a hobby became what I wanted to study (but school was still boring though).
I spent hours on the web searching how to edit or how to manipulate your light and a lot more. Often, I bumped into questions that have been asked by others before, but never really got an answer. And that's how I grew an idea. The idea of people with their skills combined so we could form a team. This for people who have the same questions I had. You can see it as a sort of 'safe haven'. A place where you know you…